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Ian's original songs are a combination of different genres ranging from Alternative Rock to Electronic Pop with some Hip-Hop and R&B influence.  Lyrically and musically his work follows his growth, insight and experiences as he has moved around the country.  As an added component, the music features instruments influenced by the style and inspiration of the songs. 

A Spanish nylon string guitar and trumpets to reflect the Cuban influence of Miami; and a distorted surf guitar and driving drums creates the feel of summer days at the beach in San Diego. Ward credits as his music influences Sting, Coldplay, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Drake, Post Malone, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.   


Influenced by his father’s large collection of eclectic artists on vinyl and cassettes, Ward began singing at the age of 10 and booking roles in theater productions in both New York and Southern California. 

At age 13, Ward began playing the guitar and started writing his own music which led to him starting a band in high school that performed music he had written.

He eventually started playing larger venues, including the House of Blues, in his hometown of San Diego. Ward went on to attend the University of Miami and Berklee College of Music to study music and theater. Ian is currently in Los Angeles pursuing a career in music and theater and working with Canadian Rock Artist Ro Sardana to develop and launch Mutual Street Music Group, a label dedicated to representing Ian’s Ro’s and similar artists’ original music.


 In Autumn 2022, Ian and Ro will be performing showcases in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, with guidance and mentorship from the legendary and revered Ron Alexenburg.


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