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Mutual Street Media Group was founded in 2022 by Ro Sardana (Abel Arms) and Ian Ward to establish a production and publishing company responsible for writing, recording and producing and performing popular music and related content that inspires unity, positive change and awareness.

The name Mutual Street is named after the street Nick Cordero and Ro Sardana met on in Toronto in 2001. The songwriting team envisioned a music label where they could nurture their music and the music of other like-minded artists.

In 2019, Nick Cordero introduced Ro Sardana and Ian Ward after a Rock of Ages performance in Los Angeles and the 3 decided to manifest a long time dream and vision.

Tragically in 2020 Nick Cordero passed away after being diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Today Ro Sardana and Ian Ward carry forward the vision the three shared for writing, recording, publishing and performing  meaningful music.


Ian Ward - December 12 2022 - The Bourbon Room.png

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1710 N Fuller Ave Hollywood, CA


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